About CreoFusion

The future belongs to those who realzie their goals


CreoFusion is a group of young ambitious people.
We want to show that young people can do great things. ​

CreoFusion team

Oskar Kościański

My name is Oskar and I am a young entrepreneur and podcaster.
I am interested in many topics, from astronomy, through psychology to business and new technologies.
I run the podcast „Droga Do Sukcesu” in English „Avenue To Success”.
I also work on various business projects.

Tymek Bajor

I’m a video creator.
I like discover new travel destinations and share journey content on my blog, YouTube channel and social media.
I’m an author of Travel Eter podcast where I talk with my guests about word, life and travel experiences.
I devote my time and energy for making new projects, beside the mark the are big or inconspicuous, I want to give them chance for growth. I develope unconvetional projects and implement them to real business life. I’m not afraid of true challenge and arduous work.​

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