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We deal with

Movie Recording

We produce high quality videos for brands and social media. Our specialization are movies for up-to-date brands and tourist industry. We can help you to prepare catchy, snappy and professional video solutions.

Film editing

We work on various types of projects. We made a lot of travel vlogs and films editing. We cooperated with different Youtubers and we was editing a video for them. We edit films like showreels, adverts item vlogs, video reportages and videocasts.


Our studio design all sort of questions. We provide broad graphics campaign for social media content. We design logo, banners and leaflets.


We can help you to do your commission in Poland. We aid you in finding locations, transport connections and making research for your brand in Polish market.

We also create our business projects

We are owners of the CreoFusion project and EEL Studio media working company.


Polish YMCA in Great Britain


Poznaj Świat


Motyl i Globus

Calluna Trip

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